Jmiah Video Production is a full service video production company and creative agency, specializing in sales and marketing videos, customer story testimonials, web campaigns, music videos, commercials, corporate communications, promotional videos, and motion graphics.



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EVERY successful creation has to have a strategic plan to obtain the desired outcome. Brainstorming the best possible ideas, methods and plans make all the difference between the amateurs and the professionals. We are ARTISTS, we help our clients in a way they can't do on their own... that's why they commission us. Let us be your STRENGTH, and help you reach your demographic in telling your story.

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In order to produce the story, the story has to be written. Script writing is a high quality skill in itself. Not every commercial you see on TV or the Internet is good, in fact some can be downright embarrassing. However, we strive to tell YOUR story... we want to reflect YOU. Our skills combined with your mission and goals will create videos in a class of its own... a HIGH class.

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We take FILMING very serious. It's VITAL to capture the particular moment and the particular shot in order to tell your particular story with excellence. We use quality equipment combined with unmatched talent to create a strategic story for your marketing, entertainment, communications, or whatever video need you have.

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This is where the magic is finalized and the pieces of the puzzle all come together for the beautiful masterpiece you want for your marketing. All media imported, editing begins, graphics created, and the STORY comes ALIVE!


"I've had the privilege of working with Mr. Jeremy Williamson in the production of a recruitment video for students to Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine (GRU). Working with Jeremy was a terrific experience! He was so enthusiastic about the project, offering creative ideas and suggestions on how best to reach out to high school and college students.

He was very responsive to our needs and eager to provide his time and energy to develop dialog and schedules for filming. He worked with our schedule and our students' to capture meaningful footage that conveyed just the messages we were hoping for.


Jeremy was very sensitive to deadlines and immediately responsive when needed. The finished product is edgy and dynamic, the right blend of graphics and vignettes with key individuals. He is a first class editor and knows how to keep the action flowing, providing our message without having the video become labored or dull. He merged relevant information and humor very effectively. Audience reception has been GREAT! We are pleased with the impact. In fact, we are so pleased that we are in the process of developing a contract with Jeremy for a whole series of "how-to" videos related to preparing and applying to dental school!"


Carole Hanes, DMD

Associate Dean for Students, Admissions and Alumni

Georgia Regents University

College of Dental Medicine

"Dear Jeremy,


I would like to thank you for your time and effort in making the 2013 Freshman 101 Forum a success. From ALL indications, the forum was well received and will help shape the future of GRU students. Your effort was vital in the outcome of this year's program




Roman M. Cibirka, DDS, MS

Vice Provost

Georgia Regents University  //  Design by // #JWBranding // Jeremy Williamson